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The 2012 Made in the USA Hall of Fame Awards

On July 2nd, 2012, The Made in the USA Foundation held what we call the “Academy Awards for American Manufacturing”. The Hall of Fame Awards was established two years ago as a way to celebrate and reward the best producers that America has to offer. The way the Awards work is, a number of categories are chosen, and 3 companies who are considered to be the best in their field and are American-made are nominated. Each category has three judges who give out points to each company based on quality, competitiveness, and impact. The categories vary from cars to cheese, and new categories are being added every year. This year added surfboards, swimwear, software and solar panels to name a few, and next year will expand even further.


The point of all of this is show that America is still on top. People say “nothing is made here” and that’s just not true. There are so many cool American-made products that people take for granted. How many of you have used Facebook today? Or Twitter? How about Google? I doubt there is a single one of you reading this who hasn’t used Google today. You probably used it to get to this site. These products come from American innovation and ingenuity. Not enough people know this, and we need to spread the word. We need to make the importance of buying American well-known, and make it easier to buy American, but we can’t do that without resources. American made companies deserve more respect than they get.


That’s why WE give them the respect they deserve, with our Hall of Fame ceremony. These companies are honored to be acknowledged for building in America. You can see Zero Motorcycles VP of Global Marketing, Scot Harden, in the picture above with Chairman, Joel D. Joseph. They posted that picture on their website because they are proud to be Made in the USA.


In case you missed it, here are the 2012 Hall of Fame Winners:


Office Furniture – Herman Miller


Surfboards – Channel Islands


Electric Auto – Chevy Volt


Electric Motorcycles – Zero Motorcycles


Gas Ranges/Cooktops – Viking


Hand Tools – Armstrong


Vodka (You’re reading that right) – Tito’s Vodka


Stereo Equipment – McIntosh Amplifiers


Wine – Beaulieu Vineyard


Olive Oil – California Olive Ranch


Solar Panels – Solar World


Software – Google


Bicycles – Worksman Bicycles


Eyeglasses – Kala Eyewear


Compact Cars – Dodge Dart


Lighting – Boyd Lighting


Toys – Zometool


Cheese – Marin French Cheese Co.


Swimwear – Letarte Swimwear


Welcome Back*  – Masterlock


*(Award for companies that moved production back in the U.S. from overseas)

You can also check out this page for more on the Hall of Fame Awards:


Written by Julian Liguori

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