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Why Made in USA?

Why is Manufacturing in the USA So Important?

Unemployment, underemployment, the economy, and our national deficit have become the constant topics of conversation for the last few decades.   We have become comfortable complaining about the latest employment dive, or criticizing the government’s seemingly unproductive efforts to fix what ails this country.  But it is time to change the conversation from what’s happening to what can be done. Through supporting hard working American manufacturers and their products we can unite in an effort to raise employment.

American manufacturing first became world-renowned in the early 19th century when American companies successfully developed interchangeable parts for muskets and riffles. The Industrial Revolution utilized our natural resources like cotton and minerals, which led to manufacturing and mining innovations including steam power.  Henry Ford led us into the Golden Age with his assembly line.  Manufacturing in the US has been a fundamental building block for global invention as well as our own economic success as a nation.  We have been at the forefront of manufacturing for hundreds of years, not to mention a pioneer of ethical work practices and labor laws.

Our government has created legislation such as the Buy American Act, which mandates domestic spending on new transit development projects in the US. The Country of Origin Labeling Act (COOL) requires produce to be labeled with their country of origin. The Automobile Labeling Act requires automobile manufacturers to include the country of assembly as well as where the engine and transmission are made. Both the Automobile Labeling Act and COLA were created and lobbied for by the Made in the USA Foundation. Other legislation is being passed including The Currency Reform for Fair Trade Act, which will help dissuade other countries from currency manipulation and unequal competition in the global market. Those who understand that a reduction in domestic manufacturing directly results in job loss and a weakened economy are fighting for its recovery.

It’s no wonder that our country is suffering economically and jobs are scarce. How many products do you think you use on a daily basis that were made or assembled in the USA? Take a day to find out. Check the labels on your coffee cup in the morning, the clothes you put on, the car you drive, your briefcase or tool belt, your pen, your kids toys, the pots in your kitchen. Chances are they aren’t made domestically. We have become so accustomed to complaining about job loss that we forgot to focus on the simplest of solutions. Support U.S. jobs and the U.S. economy by buying American. When you buy a product made from China, the jobs you’re supporting are the jobs of the Chinese. The more we allow industries to outsource and the more we buy foreign-made the less demand companies have to keep the American workforce healthy, happy, and busy. We need to hold ourselves accountable and make the change to buy American.