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Why Congress is Responsible for the ‘Made in China’ Olympic Uniforms

In case you don’t already know, it was recently discovered that the U.S. Olympic Team’s Uniforms for the 2012 London Summer Olympics were made… in China. This has caused a public outcry in the nation, with many people expressing their disbelief at how “disgraceful” and “unpatriotic” this is. It was even addressed by Congress. Speaker John Boehner, Senate majority leader Harry Reid, and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi all appeared to agree with the nation and even seemed to be very upset and distraught over this. Harry Reid said, “I think they should be embarrassed. I think they should take all the uniforms, put them in a big pile and burn them and start all over again.” Wow, look at Congress stepping up to the plate and saying what needs to be said! But…


Here’s the thing…


Isn’t Congress forgetting something? The United States Olympic Committee is a non-profit corporation, but it’s FEDERALLY chartered. BY Congress. All Congress has to do is sit down for a few minutes to amend the charter and require that the UNITED STATES Olympic Committee should maybe, oh I don’t know… have uniforms that are Made in the United States? I know it’s a novel idea, but who knows, maybe it’s more beneficial to the U.S. than say, disputing a boxing championship’s outcome? Hmph, Harry Reid?


Some blame must also be given to billionaire Ralph Lauren, however. Lauren owns the right to clothe the U.S. Olympic team. He bought that right. For ten million dollars. Chump change to him. But tell me this, why would a billionaire who can easily blow ten million bucks on getting to pick out the wardrobe for a bunch of athletes, feel the need to save a few bucks by buying from China? Does he seriously need to save a couple dollars? Are those few bucks so important to him that it’s worth sacrificing American jobs and plain out disgracing our Olympic athletes? Well, that figures, coming from the guy who made the official car of the U.S. Olympic team a B.M.W., because that’s totally an American car, right? Wait…


And like Congress, President Obama isn’t doing anything to help. He believes it’s something that can “wait until the next Olympics.” Also, candidate Mitt Romney back in 2001, after hearing the testimony of our Founder and Chairman, Joel D. Joseph, decided that the USOC will go with the highest bidder. Why can’t AMERICAN Olympic products be made in AMERICA? Why does it have to wait until the next Olympics? Why wait when American companies like Hickey Freeman, American Giant, Loggerhead, Liscaro Scarves and American Apparel have stated that they can make these uniforms and products… within five days. Five days. For less money. Why is this even an issue? Why buy China when you can buy American for cheaper and faster? Who makes these decisions? Oh right, Congress.


Despite the fact that Congress and President Obama had over a week to take up the offer of American Apparel and the other American companies, our team is parading around on the television for millions of viewers to see, in Chinese uniforms.


Instead of leaving the 12.7 million unemployed Americans unemployed, and instead of making U.S. Olympic Uniforms and even U.S. FLAGS in China, bring these jobs to America. Employ the unemployed, and stay out of China. Because, honestly, this is unacceptable. Do you think the Italian Olympic team would have their uniforms made in China? Or the French team? The answer, is hell no. Congress, stop complaining about the decisions you made as if you had nothing to do with them, own up to your mistakes, and FIX them.


Here’s a video of our Chairman, Joel D. Joseph, on Fox News discussing the Olympic Uniforms:



Written by Julian Liguori

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