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‘Death By China’ Review


Death by China is a movie that premiered this past Sunday. It’s an independent film, so don’t expect to see it playing at AMC theaters, but it’s definitely a worthwhile watch. The movie is a documentary about China’s unfair trade practices and crimes against human rights. I know that all sounds so heavy and why would anyone watch that when you could just go see the new Batman movie, right? Well, Batman is cool and all, but he only cares about Gotham, which isn’t even a real place. This movie is about a real threat to the United States (Which is a real place, by the way), a threat that could easily be fixed, all it requires is for you to stand up and say something.


I walked into the theater in Pasadena  not expecting much. I figured it would be some overly-patriotic, hate-filled, anti-China propaganda film. But I walked out of that theater with my eyes wide open.


This country is facing a serious problem, and it is well addressed in this film. Death by China really knows how to put symbolism to use and really make you understand how things such as the economy, jobs, and trade are weapons in the hands of China. The communist country has been so unfair in its trade practices since it’s induction into the World Trade Organization in 2001, that it’s been destroying the economy of our once great nation. There are no more jobs here. Never mind the people that paid for school and worked so hard for for years to get their masters degree, there’s no jobs for them. Because they’re all in China.


American companies are stuck in positions where they can’t afford to manufacture here, and have to choose whether to move to China or shut down their business. And even worse, American companies that CAN afford to stay here, move to China anyway to save money. Never mind the billions that they know they’re going to get for their iPad or their… yeah, you get what I’m saying here.


Now, don’t think this movie is just about what China is doing to America, it delves into the cruel actions the Chinese government preforms on it’s own workers. The so-called “workers” in China are literally slaves. They work in camps. For little to no money. When a Chinese citizen needs a kidney, or a lung, or something, one of the “workers” from one of the work-camps is pulled from their camp and their organs are taken from them. Unwillingly, of course.


The movie focuses on the more economical side of the conflict, but that kind of stuff is actually happening.


With their unfair trade practices and totalitarian government, China is destroying both America and itself. So if you want to know what the biggest problem America is facing right now, go see Death by China. And afterwards, when you’re motivated to actually do something, instead of just sitting around complaining about how bad things are – join the Made in the USA Foundation. For the past 23 years we’ve been making a difference. And with your help, we can do even more… before it’s too late.


Also, Death by China was based on a book. You should read it because reading is cool. So go ahead, buy it here.


– Julian Liguori

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