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How You Can Make ‘Made in America” Cool Again

Ralph Lauren’s decision to manufacture the uniforms they are providing to the U.S. Olympic team in China sparked criticism on Capitol Hill and across the country last week. Many media sources reacted, as well, with arguments on why Ralph Lauren should or should not apologize for that choice.

While his prerogative is to “save a buck,” the truth is, a self-made, American entrepreneur like himself should understand the value of U.S. manufacturing. It is about creating jobs, keeping money circulating in our own country, and decreasing our dependency on other countries.

In honor of the Summer Olympics and the entrepreneurs who have chosen to manufacture their products in America, I have compiled a resource guide with websites that provide lists of American made products. The hope is to encourage more consumers to buy “Made in America,” as well as influence American companies to keep their manufacturing in the U.S.A.

Made in the USA Foundation The Made in USA Foundation promotes products that are manufactured and assembled in the USA as an effort to encourage good paying jobs and sustainable economy. The website provides a list of products and retail stores who promote those same values.

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