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The Harris Poll


“What is the Harris Poll?”, you might ask yourself. As well you should, considering it is the name of this blog and is obviously important or I wouldn’t have named the blog after it.


You see, we here at the Made in the USA Foundation hired Harris Interactive to do some research for us. The company is considered one of the best market research companies, considering that Louis Harris was the pollster for John F. Kennedy, and they’re known for their Harris Poll. So we asked them to conduct two surveys for us: one to find out whether or not Americans think that American-made goods are top-notch quality, and another to find out how willing Americans would be to pay more for American-made products as opposed to foreign goods. So they presented us with the following results in the form of these polls (get it, Harris Poll?) after asking 2,135 American consumers what they think.


Belief in Quality of American-Made Products:

Mexico: 83%

India: 82%

China: 78%

Germany: 55%

Japan: 53%


Willingness to Pay More for American-Made Products:

1-9%: 75%

10%: 55%

20%: 32%

30%: 18%

40%: 13%

Over 50%: 11%


Now, these charts may be a little confusing but what the first one indicates is that 83% of Americans believe American goods are better than Mexican and so forth. The second chart, perhaps a little more confusing, means that 75% of Americans would be willing to pay 1-9% more for goods that are made in America as opposed to someplace else, and so forth once again.


This is both surprising and wonderful news. It may not be surprising that the majority of Americans think we make better products than Mexico or India. But Germany? Japan? That’s incredible. Japan makes some of the best and most reliable cars in the world. And while it may be the lowest percentage on the chart, it’s still more than half. More than half would rather drive an American car. We are truly moving in the right direction, especially considering that American car sales have been going up rapidly in the past three years.


While it’s obvious that less people wouldn’t want to pay a significant amount more for a product than they’re used to, but the fact that 75% of Americans are willing to pay a little bit more is amazing. I mean, who is ever willing to pay more for anything if they can find it cheaper, even if it’s not a lot more? Are you? Of course you’re not. But in all seriousness, this shows that Americans are seemingly interested in buying American and proves that people believe that American products truly are equal to or superior in quality to foreign products, and they don’t seem to care if they have to pay more, which is great news for American manufacturers and yet another step in the right direction.


– Julian S. Liguori

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