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Letarte Swimwear is Made in the USA


Letarte Swimwear is an American company in Connecticut. They’ve been making quality swimwear on the east coast for years now. In fact, they’re so great that the Made in the USA Foundation has inducted them into their Hall of Fame at the 2012 ceremony. It’s companies like Letarte that create a great image for other American-made companies.


Coincidentally, Letarte is holding a book signing this Wednesday, the 15th. They’ve been promoting a book written by Kelly Killoren Bensimon, a reality star, called “I Can Make You Hot!” And who doesn’t want to be hot, right? So if you live in Nantucket (I’m sure that’s so many of you), make sure to head down to the book singing, pick up a copy of the book, and become hotter. Also, Letarte will be selling some of their swimwear, which I assume will also be hot.


If you plan on buying American, you should definitely consider Letarte for your swimming and hotness needs. And if you plan on buying the book, head down to the signing, a bookstore or here. So here’s to you, Letarte, for being awesome. Keep being American and keep being awesome.

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