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U.S. Manufacturing is Coming Back

As of late, manufacturing in the U.S. seemed like a lost cause. But, as surveys have shown, more and more American companies with their factories overseas have plans to bring their manufacturing back home to the States. Over 100 companies were surveyed by MIT and BCG each. Over 20-30% of the companies surveyed had plans or felt pressure to come back home and create more American jobs. What does that mean? It means you and your little degenerate friends now have places to work a few days a week to get money to impress girls. All kidding aside, considering the 12.7 million unemployed in this country, this is good news for them.


As I’ve stated before, everyone believes that nothing is made here, and it’s sad. More and more American companies are pushing their factories into the U.S. and doing more innovation and creation right here. Companies like Caterpillar Inc., General Electric, Ford, Lincolnton, and most notably¬†Masterlock are moving their overseas products to be produced in the States. General Electric alone has created 14,500 new jobs since 2009. That’s awesome.


And to all you naysayers who say, “Whatever, none of those things are cool.” Well… have you heard of Google’s Nexus Q? It’s this thing:



How awesome is that? Don’t say not very, because you know damn well this thing is cool. And it’s being made right here, in the U.S.


Hell, even foreign companies are moving into the U.S. Japan’s Yaskawa Electric Corporation is currently making all kinds of cool electric motors and controls for heating and ventilation, and all that. If Japan wants to build here, you should too.


You should also support the Bring Jobs Home Act, which gives companies tax breaks to make it easier for them to move to the U.S.


With all these advancements, it won’t be long until the U.S. is back on top.


Written by Julian Liguori

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