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What We’re Doing

The Made in the USA Foundation promotes American-made products in the U.S. and overseas. This year the Foundation had a booth at America’s Mart in Atlanta where a Made in America section was inaugurated to promote U.S. products to the retail market.  At this show the Foundation launched its Retailer program, where now hundreds of retailers across the United States are members. These member stores use our shelf signs to highlight products made in the USA.

The Foundation also had a booth at the Made in America Pavilion at the High Point Furniture Show. We are leading the path for American companies to bring production back to the United States.  Several large furniture makers, Ashley and Lincolnton, announced new production in the United States.

The Foundation is helping to organize Made in the USA Qatar to sell American-made products throughout the Middle East.

In California the Foundation is working to improve the Golden State’s definition of “Made in the USA.” The California law now requires 100% of a product to be made in the USA to carry the Made in the USA label.  This is far stricter than Federal law and unfair to companies who strive to make a product in the United States, but cannot find domestic components.

The Foundation also helps companies, and retailers, find domestic products and domestic components. Our database of American manufacturers is the best in the country.

On July 2nd we will hold the Made in the USA Hall of Fame dinner and announce 20 winners from 60 great American nominees.