Made in the USA Foundation’s Programs for 2018

COLD: Country of Origin Labeling for Drugs is a project to require all drug stores to label prescription drugs with their country of origin. We are filing a petition with the Food and Drug Administration to require country of origin labeling on prescriptions drugs. Federal law currently requires all imported products to be labeled with their country of origin, but retail drug companies have been skirting the law. Last year 80% of prescription drugs were imported, most from China and India, two countries that have a history of contaminated drugs.

COOLER: Country of Origin Labeling Expansion and Reform Act improves and expands COOL. COOLER is federal legislation that will reinstate country of origin labeling for beef, require country of origin labeling in all advertisements for products. Since consumers prefer to buy “Made in the USA” products, this new law should help the economy.

TREAD: Tire Replacement Education About Derivation is a project to require that replacement tires be prominently marked with their country of origin. Now tire companies hide the country of origin of their tires. TREAD will seek regulations for the Department of Transportation requiring the prominent labeling of tires for country of origin. The majority of replacement tires are now imported from China, South Korea, India and other countries.

CARTA: Chinese American Reciprocal Trade Act is federal legislation that will increase U.S. tariffs to match those charged by China on imports from the United States. China now charges the U.S. much higher duties than we impose on Chinese products.

Defens: Domestic Efficient Force Equipped by Nation’s Suppliers is a project to require the Defense Department to buy only “Made in the USA” weapons, uniforms and products for military exchanges. U.S. military exchanges (AAFES and NEXCOM) now import most of the products that they sell to servicemen. In addition, the Defense Department has been using Russian rocket engines and Chinese rocket fuel. These practices weaken the defense of the United States.

THREAD: Trade Harmonization, Reduction and Elimination Act for Duties is federal legislation to eliminate tariffs on imported fabrics that do not compete with fabrics made in the United States. This will allow U.S. manufacturers of apparel to compete more effectively.

FUTBAL: Fans United to Buy American Labor is a project to convince the NFL, MLB and NBA to require “made in USA” souvenirs and uniforms. Blue-collar workers are the heart and soul of sports fans. The major league sports teams will sell more “Made in the USA” souvenirs than imported ones.