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Marblecast Products, Inc.

Anyone here ever heard of the Smithsonian? Well, it’s that museum that has pretty much everything ever. Recently they got into some trouble for selling products that were Made in China in their gift shops. I was very happy to read this in The Washington Post:

“The Smithsonian Institution is planning to stock the shelves of a gift shop adjacent to its popular American presidents exhibit with goods only made in the United States. Visitors to other nearby museums in the coming months will also find more domestically-produced clothing, paperweights, magnets and wood carvings.

Officials unveiled the plans this week after an ultimatum from lawmakers: Either sell more American-made tschotskes or risk losing billions in federal funding.”


A company by the name of Marblecast Products will be one of the main manufacturers making items to be sold in the Smithsonian gift shops. Marblecast just became a member of The Made in the USA Foundation, so let’s all give them a round of applause!


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