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Newsletter Vol. 25 No. 6

Made in the USA Reports

Made in USA Reports June 2013 (Word Document)

A Publication of the Made in the USA Foundation


Vol. 25 No. 6 © Made in the USA Foundation June, 2013



Ed Asner to Highlight Made in the USA

Hall of Fame Awards Dinner


For the first time the Made in the USA Hall of Fame Dinner will be star-studded with celebrities.  Tesla design chief Franz Holzhausen will attend to dinner. Executives from all across the United States will attend including representatives from Cree, the high-tech LED lighting company, executives from General Motors, bourbon companies, clothing companies and many more.  The silent auction will be the biggest and best that we have had.  A list of the items at the silent auction is at the end of this newsletter. If you want to bid, and can’t make it to the dinner, you can call the Foundation at 310 MADE-USA with your bid before the event.


Ed Asner, star of many television shows including the Mary Tyler Moore Show, will present many of the Hall of Fame Awards.  Asner, who has previously done a television commercial for the Foundation, worked at a General Motors plant in Kansas City before starting his successful acting career.


Apple and Motorola Are Building

Factories in the United States

Two of America’s signature high-tech companies, Apple and Motorola, have announced major plans to build new plants in the United States. Apple starting by making computers in the United States in 1976, but twenty years later abandoned manufacturing here. Motorola, inventor of the cellphone, made its first cellphones in the USA, but moved offshore during the late 1990s.

Motorola plans to launch a new, made-in-the-USA “Moto X” smartphone, CEO Dennis Woodside said, confirming speculation the once-dominant cellphone maker intends to make a comeback in the hotly competitive mobile market.

Motorola, which Google Inc bought for $12.5 billion in 2012, has steadily ceded market share to Apple Inc and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, with its latest phones garnering a relatively lukewarm reception. The Moto X, details of which are not yet available, will be built at a 500,000 square-feet facility in Texas that will employ 2,000 people by August.

Woodside told the AllThingsD conference in Palos Verdes that he was “pretty confident in the products we’re going to be shipping in the fall.”


During an appearance before the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed the state in which its Made-in-USA Mac will be manufactured: Texas.

“We’re investing $100 million to build a Mac product line here in the U.S.,” Cook said. “The product will be assembled in Texas, include components made in Illinois and Florida, and rely on equipment produced in Kentucky and Michigan.”


Apple’s pledge to build some Macs in the U.S. doesn’t mean that the company is setting up its own production facilities. Cook has said in the past that Apple will work with manufacturing partners on this particular effort. And now that he has disclosed the state in which Mac production will be handled, the identity of Apple’s likely manufacturing partner is becoming clearer, as well.


Foxconn operates plants in Texas and has long handled a lot of Apple’s hardware production and assembly. Recently, the company said it was expanding its existing manufacturing operations in the U.S. to meet the needs of certain unnamed customers. Not definitive proof that Foxconn will manufacture Apple’s Made-in-USA Mac, but certainly a clear indication that it might.



Halloween Decorations Made by Chinese Prisoners


Portland, Oregon resident Julie Keith unpacked a box of Halloween decorations she bought at Kmart only to find a letter written by a Chinese labor camp prisoner.

“I fully believe it is real,” she told Fox News, noting that the letter was found inside Styrofoam headstones that were sealed together.

In the letter, a person claiming to be a prisoner at the Masanjia labor camp in northeast China recounts the harsh conditions detainees are forced to endure.

“People who work here have to work 15 hours a day without Saturday, Sunday break and any holidays. Otherwise they will suffer torturement beat and rude remark. Nearly no payment (10 yuan/1 month),” the author writes, adding that citizens get sent to Masanjia “without court sentence” and spend an average of 1 to 3 years at the camp.

A TV channel affiliated with the persecuted Falun Gong movement — mentioned in the letter as being prevalent at Masanjia — says it reviewed the note and corroborated some of the claims with former detainees.

The Homeland Security Investigations department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement has launched an inquiry into the letter and its claims, according to public affairs officer Andrew Munoz.

It is against U.S. law to import products made using either convict or forced labor. Kmart operator Sears Holdings Corporation released a statement saying the use of forced labor by its vendors and factories violates the company’s “Program Requirements” and “may result in a loss of business or factory termination.”

Meanwhile, Keith says she is done with Chinese-made goods.

“If I really don’t need it, I won’t buy it if it’s made in China,” she is quoted as saying. “This has really made me more aware. I hope it would make a difference.”




10 Reasons to Buy American-Made Products


by Tom Bonine, President of National Metal Fabricators, a Chicago area firm, established in 1944, that offers custom aluminum fabrication, angle rings, welding, and bar milling services. 


The phrase “Buy American!” may sound like part of a marketing campaign that an American manufacturer is using to promote its items. However, there are many important reasons why everyone should think about buying products made in the United States. Here are just 10 of the reasons to buy American-made products.

  1. Securing the future of the country as a whole. Purchasing American-made products is not always about finding the best deal. It’s about keeping jobs in the United States and maintaining our capability to provide for ourselves and the future of the country.
  2. Securing future business for the country. Purchasing American-made products plays a significant role in securing future business for the United States. Purchasing  goods made here rather than buying imported products helps ensure that America will not be so dependent on other countries, which can be particularly important during times of world conflict.
  3. Higher quality. Many people choose imported products over American-made products for lower prices.  This is possible, however, because some overseas suppliers use lower-quality components, which lowers the overall quality of the final product. Purchasing products made in the United States also leads to quicker delivery than outsourced orders.
  4. Assurance of consumer protection laws and safety standards. Most foreign countries have less extensive product safety standards than the United States. For example, there have been instances of imported items containing poisonous lead levels. Items made in the United States must adhere to American consumer safety standards and protection laws.
  5. Reducing the trade deficit. Purchasing American-made products can play a small role in decreasing the trade deficit by reducing the number imported goods.
  6. Bringing in more business. In addition to reducing imports, manufacturing in the United States also creates more opportunities to export goods overseas, thus expanding America’s stamp on the world markets.
  7. Contributing to fair wages. Choosing American-made products allows consumers to contribute to fair payment for American workers, creating more jobs and preserving our economy. Many other countries do not have minimum wage requirements or minimum standards for the workplace.
  8. Reducing the carbon footprint. Most United States manufacturing processes are cleaner than those used in other countries, which do not have the same environmental protection laws that the United States has.
  9. Keeping the profits in the country. Purchasing American-made products keeps money in this country’s economic system.

10. Supporting safe working conditions and child labor laws. One of the most important of the 10 reasons to buy American-made products is to support safe working conditions, child labor laws, and American workers as a whole while also supporting American manufacturers. The United States has a number of laws in place that help manufacturers create high-quality, safe items. Compliance regulations, varying kinds of testing, and guidelines such as Proposition 65, assure that items meet this standard.


Silent Auction for Made in the USA Foundation at the Hall of Fame Dinner, Shutters on the Beach, Santa Monica, CA July 2, 2013

from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm


1.  Fine Art Lamps


Fine Art Lamps – Beveled Arcs Collection

Retail Value: $3,075

Minimum Opening Bid: $1,000

Donted by: Fine Art Lamps


Fine Art Lamps’ artistic heritage began in the glass-making factory founded by Max Blumberg in New York in the late nineteenth century.  In 1940, his son, Jack Blumberg gathered the finest designers, sculptors, and decorative artists to fulfill their vision of becoming the premier lighting manufacturer in the world, and Fine Art Lamps was born.

Fine Art lamps represents the singular vision of over 700 skilled designers, artists, craftsman and associates working together in five plants totaling over 400,000 square feet to create unique works of art for the international design community.







2.  A-19 Sconce


Ebb and Flow Wall Sconce – Matador Red and Multi Fire

Retail Value: $370

Minimum Opening Bid: $120

Donated by: A-19


Family-owned, Ontario, California-based A-19 has the flexibility to produce a full range of light fixtures. All of their products, from beginning to end, are made by hand in America. Its wall sconces and pendants are designed, molded, fired, sanded, finished, assembled and shipped directly from their factory in California.


3.   A-19 Sconce

Bubble Wall Sconce – Teal Crackle and Turquoise

Retail Value: $280

Minimum Opening Bid: $100

Donated by: A-19





4.   JW Hulme Weekend Satchel Carry-On Bag


Retail Value: $1,200

Minimum Opening Bid: $400

Donated by: JW Hulme Co.



This wonderful brown leather satchel goes anywhere you’re going.  A perfect overnight, weekend, or carry-on bag.  Deceptively large capacity.  Lighter and easier to access than traditional duffle bags.

J.W. Hulme Company, in St. Paul, Minnesota has been making distinctive luxury leather and canvas products since 1905. Their bags are backed with a lifetime guarantee. J.W. Hulme Co. has never considered going offshore with its production; “Made in America” is at the heart of our philosophy. Their distinctive handmade bags speak to a time when rugged American individualism was prized and most people personally knew a true artisan. From the materials we choose to the elegant hardware we use, the J.W. Hulme Co. pledge is to produce exceptional luggage, business bags, handbags and accessories for discerning customers.













5.  Worksman Papergirl Ladies Bicycle

Retail Value: $595

Minimum Opening Bid: $200

Donated by: Worksman Cycles


Founded in 1898, Worksman Cycles continues to proudly manufacture their industrial and recreational bikes in New York City.



6.  Framed Kentucky Derby Print


Michael Schwab – Woodford Reserve Kentucky Derby 2012 Framed Poster

Limited Edition  (80 Printed), signed, numbered and framed.

Retail Value: $600

Minimum Opening Bid: $200

Donated by: Woodford Reserve


One of America’s most recognized and beloved illustrators, Michael Schwab focuses on the interplay of positive and negative space to create iconic images that are strong and simple yet always contemporary.





7.  Schramsberg Sparkling Wine Double Magnum


1985 Schramsberg Sparkling Blanc de Blancs Wine Double Magnum (3L)

Retail Value: $600

Minimum Opening Bid: $200

Donated by: Jim Ruxin, Village Wines of Brentwood


Schramsberg Vineyards is a winery located in Calistoga, California in the Napa Valley region. The vineyard, which was originally founded in 1862, produces a series of sparkling wines using the same method as champagne. Schramsberg is considered one of the premium brands in the production of sparkling wine in California and the first U.S. wine to match the style and quality of the best French Champagnes.



8.  Naturepedic $1,000 Certificate


Retail Value: $1,000

Minimum Opening Bid: $350

Donated by: Naturepedic


Naturepedic specializes in the design and manufacturing of quality organic mattresses for infants, toddlers, children and adults that promote natural and organic materials, a non-toxic design, fire-safety, and overall health & safety. All Naturepedic natural and organic mattresses have been designed with the help of pediatricians, orthopedic specialists, chemists, and engineers and are constructed by Amish craftsman.




9.  Boyd Lighting Lamp


Boyd Table Lamp

Retail Value: $1,500

Minimum Opening Bid: $500

Donated by: Boyd Lighting

Wainwright by Thad Hayes

Kentfield collection


Boyd Lighting, based in San Francisco, is the oldest lighting manufacturer in the United States.  Boyd is in the Made in the USA Hall of Fame.  Architectural Digest said, “a typical Thad Hayes room is as crisp and classic as a bespoke suit . . . Whether he’s working on a modern or a traditional space—or, just as likely, one that effortlessly synthesizes present and past—Hayes relies on muted backgrounds, a restrained palette of colors and materials, and spare, almost sculptural compositions to achieve what he calls ‘the opposite of chaos.’ It’s a rare talent indeed who can bring harmony and serenity to the interiors of both Evelyn and Leonard Lauder’s neoclassical manse in Palm Beach, Florida, and the up-to-the-minute Manhattan townhouse of Marc Jacobs.





Using flattering styles to the woman’s figure together with special dyeing techniques, and 100% cotton only, is what make our products so unique and memorable among our customers. From the cotton that is grown and spun in the USA to garments that are printed and dyed by American workers, we keep jobs in the United States and use U.S. Only products and services.Glima products are sold mainly through High end Specialty Stores and through upscale chain stores such as Von Maur, Dillards and Nordstrom.

  1. Glima “We the People” shirt.


All cotton.

$48 list price.

Minimum Opening Bid:  $16.00

Donated by Glima


12.  Glima Pink Patriot Shirt.


All cotton.  List price $48.

Minimum Opening Bid:  $16.00










13. Glima American Flag Shirt


All cotton.  List price $56.00.

Minimum Opening Bid: $18.00


14.  Hudson Jeans


Skinny in style but not skimpy where you need it, mid-Rise and super comfy, Hudson Jeans are Made in the USA . Hudson has a great history. The short story they tried the import thing, it didn’t work and almost cost them their entire business, vowed to bring the production and quality back to are shores, did just that and the Hudson empire expanded.


For the auction, you can get any style and size you want.

Suggested Retail is $220.00

Minimum Opening Bide is $75.00


15. Merle Norman Gift Basket


From Merle’s humble beginnings in her kitchen in Santa Monica, California, Merle Norman remains a family-run business. From skin care and color formulas — right down to almost every compact, jar, bottle and tube — our “Made in the USA” claim is part of their integrity and authenticity, and beyond comparison in the beauty industry. Merle Norman has donated a basket of 35 of their fine products, including mascara, wrinkle smoother for eyes, wrinkle smoother, neck cream, lips polish, toner, eye shadow, scrubs, anti-redness lotions and many more.


Suggested Retail Price $500.00

Minimum Opening Bid: $150.00

Donated by Merle Norman.





16.  Made in the USA Foundation Hall of Fame Awards Poster





Size: 20” x 30”, framed in a Made in the USA Nielsen frame.

Suggested Value:  $250.00

Minimum Opening Bid: $85.00











Tough Traveler




SIZE: 11″x7″x4.5″ 
MATERIAL: 400 Denier Packcloth

• Same features as the Kiddy Pack, with added fleece lining for insulation – great for bottles or snacks!

• Can be used as backpack by children ages 3-5

• Attaches to back of Tough Traveler child carriers.

• Great “safety pack” for toddler to carry during excursions, to carry emergency supplies

• Machine washable. Water-resistant.

• 100% USA Made


Suggested Retail Price: $44.00

Minimum Opening Bid: $15.00

Doanted by Tough Traveler



SIZES: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large

• A rectangular duffel with two small organizer pockets

• Main compartment has heavy-duty full-length zipper across the top.

• One small zippered side pocket

• One small open side pocket

• Double carry handles with leather hand-grip, plus removable, adjustable shoulder strap

• Made of 1000 d. Cordura, with superior quality materials & workmanship, including triple-stitched stress points, YKK zippers and Nylbond thread.

• Water-resistant material. Machine washable.

• 100% made in USA


X-SMALL: 13.5″w x 7.5″h x 7″d

(Duffel bag to be auctioned is black)

Suggested Retail $68.00

Minimum Opening Bid: $25.00.

Donated by Tough Traveler.




Carry your computer, files, and papers together!

SIZE: 18″ X 12″ X 6″

• A lightweight, computer briefcase with two main compartments, each with internal organizer pockets
• Inside front main compartment, two flat, open pockets for manilla folders, manuals, etc.
• Rear main compartment is padded to protect laptop
• Front main compartment opens 3/4-around, to open flat. Rear main compartment opens across top and about 2″ down side
• Double-pull, lockable zippers on both main compartments
• Zippered, flat pocket on front
• Leather hand grip on carry-handles
• Detachable adjustable shoulder strap
• Water resistant
• 100% USA Made

Suggested Retail Price: $140.00

Minimum Opening Bid: $45.00



20.  Steuben Glass Stork with Baby


Steuben Glass Works was an American art glass manufacturer, founded in the summer of 1903 Corning, New York, which is in Steuben County.  One hundred and eight years later, in 2011, Steuben announced its closing.  The official gift of many U.S. presidents, the Made in the USA Foundation is working with the American Arts Trust to revive Steuben and preserve the art of glassmaking in the United States. is a Steuben “Hand Cooler” titled “Stork with Baby.”

Retail Price:  $250.00.

Minimum Opening Bid:  $85.00

Donated by Lucy Zahan from the Grove in Los Angeles.






21.  Bedhead Pajamas Birds and Blossoms

Bedhead Pajamas, winner of the Made in the USA Hall of Fame Award for women’s clothing, makes high-end sleepwear for many of the nation’s finest hotels. Bedhead’s comfy and colorful women’s pajamas provide a stylish solution for a cozy night’s sleep. The classic Birds and Blossoms pj’s usher in spring with a serene, nature-inspired print against a pink background. Trimmed with brown piping, this two-piece set includes a button front, long-sleeve top and drawstring, elastic waist pants. Made in the USA from 100% cotton. Machine washable. Size: Medium.

Suggested Retail: $140.00

Minimum Opening Bid: $45.00

Donated by Bedhead Pajamas.












22.  Simplicity Freedom Model 3500 Vacuum Cleaner


Good Housekeeping Magazine said, “The Simplicity Freedom Model-3500 is extremely lightweight, (8 lbs), making it less daunting to push, pull, and carry up and down stairs. It also performed remarkably well at removing pet hair and deeply embedded dirt from plush carpeting. It has the ability to reach low-clearance areas such as beneath coffee tables or beds and to navigate around furniture.” Three-year warranty.


Suggested Retail Price: $400.00

Minimum Opening Bid: $135.00

Donated by Simplicity Vacuums.






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